In this paper, we compared several classic neural networks that can detect 14 different thoracic diseases from chest X-rays as well as tried to improve their performance by adding squeeze and excitation blocks which won first place in the 2017 ImageNet competition. We re-implemented the ChexNet onChestX-ray14 dataset to…

Recording Video


One of the main characteristics of cities is high-frequency people streaming. These flows are reflected in all the subways dashing through the city. With our visualizations, we want to give an impression of this pulse of the city from the perspective of Shanghai Metro Visualization. In this…

04/27/2019_Final Version


The movie Memento directed by Christopher Nolan adopted a unique narration method that positive sequences and flashbacks interweaving with each other and Finally converge on the turning point of the story. By this means the viewer’s perception of time is obscured.

Narration Study in my undergraduate Portfolio: https://issuu.com/wmjpillow/docs/portfolio-wangmeijie-2

Just as time and space are parallel…

Work Performance


OSC: TouchOSC is a modular OSC and MIDI control surface for iOS and Android. It supports sending and receiving messages according to the Open Sound Control and MIDI protocols. It can be completely customized using the free TouchOSC Editor application for macOS, Windows and Linux and potentially be…

Game Link: http://philome.la/wmjpillow/interactivefiction-rearwindow

In this interactive novel project, I chose to express space using interactive narrative while using narrative in words. The idea came from Hitchcock’s movie Rear window, which completed the film narrative through a flattened spatial relationship through a first-person perspective. In my interactive novel, I tried to reproduce the relationship between this space and story narrative in the form of words.

This immersive sound was designed using Invisio technology developed by the University of Michigan. In this design, I broke Beethoven’s The Symphony №5 in C minor according to the rhythm of the music, and attached the sounds of different rhythm segments to different spaces (the part of the red area), similar to the sound in the indoor space. And then for the exterior, I designed the sound of the moving Chinese opera, so when people walked in this virtual space, the perception formed was fragmented, intertwined with Chinese and Western music. This design is also my first time using sound as the medium of operation, deconstruction of music and spatial reconstruction.

sound space

Change code to pass the game of Mario Labyrinth #live coding
Design based on Script8: https://script-8.github.io

Try the game:


My undergraduate architecture/visual research/design portfolio published on ISSUU



We came up with several prototype ideas that can take users to another world and we decided to implement our project on A-Frame, a platform that provides immersive VR experiences. One of our ideas was a farm VR simulation where users can relax in a farm landscape with a variety…


Redesigning some of the pages of the website “Technocopia” was a task with a variety of goals that needed to be achieved. The overarching aim of this mobile version of the pages from Technocopia was to modify both the presentation, and contents of the website to appeal to an…

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